How To Sell A House Fast Your 6 Best Options

By leaps and bounds, technology keeps advancing. The way we live is shaped by it every day. We communicate and interact with others through technology. Technology touches every aspect of your life. What’s “hot” today is “not” tomorrow. Companies that once seemingly ruled the world have fallen to the wayside. They have been replaced by new, massive conglomerates.

Few things have escaped technology’s effects and influences, but for one – home selling. The process – though enhanced somewhat by computers, online photos/videos, real estate sites, and more – remains relatively antiquated (and lengthy). In fact, for those who want to sell a house fast, it seems all but impossible.

But all is not lost. If you want to sell your home fast, you do have options.

A Mortgage Transfer

While not exactly selling in the traditional sense, if you can find someone to transfer your mortgage to, you have, in essence, “sold” your house. This can only happen, however, if your mortgage is “assumable”. Check with your mortgage company to find out. In some cases, the person who takes over your mortgage may agree to rent to you, if you’d like to stay.

Short Sale

Sometimes, if the value of a home is lesser than the debt owed on it, and no equity exists, properties are sold as “distressed”. The situation may be compounded by personal financial issues. Request a “short sale” from the bank/mortgage holder. This is better than being evicted and better than a foreclosure, even though you may be embarrassed to explain your situation to the bank.

Lower Your Price

This may not be ideal if you need the money, but by lowering the price on your home, you may be able to sell it much faster. Small price changes won’t have much effect, so be prepared to drop the price considerably. If you do decide to lower the price, just go ahead and do it, rather than relisting your home after taking it off the market.

Research Real Estate Agents

Some real estate agents have better records than others. Some are known for getting top dollar for the home they’re selling. Others are known for selling fast. After a little research and reading a few reviews, you might be able to find a real estate agent in your area who has established themselves as a fast seller. Check them out thoroughly, however, to make sure they’re doing everything by the book and they have your best interests at heart.

Find a Wholesaler

You may be surprised to find out that cash transactions occur in real estate all the time. The involvement of a bank is avoided. Some people operate as a middleman of sorts or a wholesaler. By going through someone like this, you may be able to sell your home faster – for cash – though possibly not for what you were hoping for. You should still be able to get a fair amount for it, however. Once again, research is going to be important. Don’t sign up with just any person who fancies themselves a wholesaler.

The Absolute Best Option To Sell Your House Fast

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