How To Avoid Closing Costs When Selling A House

Planning to sell your house? One thing that you should do is avoid closing costs. These are fees linked with the transfer of property ownership and the finalization of the transaction. The purpose of closing costs is to compensate all the professionals who are involved in selling a property but it comes with disadvantages. They can pile up to thousands of overall costs hence why buyers and sellers must consider their wide options to avoid or minimize closing costs. Therefore, you should reduce money spent on closing costs so you get to maintain a better cash flow. Don’t know how to start? Continue reading and take these steps to avoid closing costs!

Get into Negotiation with the Buyer

The first thing that you can do is to try and negotiate with the buyer. Get them to cover some or all closing costs. By working together, you can find solutions that would benefit both of you where you can avoid or minimize closing costs. This also helps you get the best deal when you sell your house. Here are some examples of closing costs that you can negotiate with your buyer:

  • Attorney fees
  • Title insurance
  • Property taxes
  • Survey fees
  • Recording fees

Look for the Best Title Company

A title company specializes in managing the transfer of property ownership from one to another.  Title companies review and prepare all the necessary documents that you need. They ensure that the properties have clear titles, meaning that there are no outstanding claims, liens, or anything that can be a hindrance. In short words, they help you avoid home sale hassles.

Get a No-Closing Cost Loan

If you plan to refinance your mortgage, you may consider a no-closing cost loan. This allows you to avoid paying closing costs that are associated with home loans. This option is advisable for those who are looking to save money upfront and would not want to pay the additional costs. However, you must weigh the effects of loans in the long run before coming up with a decision.

Seek Out the Tax Benefits

Did you know that there may be tax benefits when you sell a home?  You get to minimize the tax implications of the sale while also maximizing your net proceeds. Depending on your eligibility, you may get an exclusion for capital gains. Furthermore, you may even potentially minimize the depreciation recapture that you owe. Therefore, when you know where to look, you can potentially decrease your tax liability and also improve your financial gains.

Take Counsel from a Real Estate Agent

If you are stuck and don’t know what to do, don’t be afraid to take counsel from a trusted real estate agent. They will surely give you pieces of advice and guidance that you will need when you sell your house. They know how the real estate market runs and may even possess the best negotiating skills that you need to avoid closing costs.


Be sure to do all necessary steps to avoid closing costs. They can be very expensive but with the steps above, you may be able to minimize or avoid them at all costs. Still unsure of what to do? Contact us at Simple House Buyers to learn more.