You can’t drive through a neighborhood without seeing the signs. All along the roadside, ”We’ll buy your house for cash” or “CASH FOR HOMES” is posted on everything from huge billboards to little handwritten poster boards.

Many people who want to sell their homes, because they are in need of cash, are tempted by these signs. Is selling a house for cash a reality? Are houses actually paid for with cash these days? Can you sell your home legitimately for cash and, if so, can you expect to do it quickly and at a fair price?

Yes, cash offers are made on homes and accepted every day. Yes, it can be legitimate, but you have to make sure you’re selling to a reputable buyer. Here is some information on “cash for homes” companies and a recommendation for one of the best. Let’s look, specifically, at exactly who these companies are.

House Flippers

You’ve seen them on television. They buy houses that need help, they do all the renovations, and then they sell it at a profit.

Investors Referred to As Buy-and-Hold

These types of investors may also fix up homes in need of repairs. Frequently, they hold onto them for an extended period of time. From their investments, they may gain long-term passive income by renting them out for a time.

Franchise Networks

Franchise networks account for some of the largest companies that buy homes for cash. The marketing is handled by the national company while homes are evaluated and purchased by smaller local franchises.


Automated valuation models (computer algorithms) are relied upon by this newcomer to make competitive, fast cash offers on houses that are in respectable shape. Occasionally, they don’t even look at the property firsthand to make their offers and operate online almost exclusively.

How Does It Work?

Keep in mind that every company is different, so the steps you take to sell a home for cash where these companies are involved can also differ slightly. Basically, however, here are the steps involved:

  • The company will need to be contacted and you’ll provide information regarding your home.
  • An inspection will likely be made by the company (or representative of the company) of your home. The sale price may be reduced if repairs are needed or you may have the opportunity to make the repairs.
  • The sale of the house is closed after a cash offer is accepted.

 Watch out for Red Flags

Shortly, we’ll introduce you to one of the most reputable cash for homes companies in existence. In the meantime, watch out for these red flags that could point to your dealing with a less than reputable company:

  • Questionable behavior by a company or individual
  • If they send you far too much information, it could point to the fact that whatever documents they are supplying you with are fake
  • Conduct that is unprofessional
  • Ads that are extremely vague

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